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Kernan & Austin, LLC is an aggressive, seasoned defense team of Brevard County criminal defense attorneys who take on every case fully committed to seeking a favorable outcome for our clients. With 22 years of combined legal experience, we are committed to the well-being and best interests of our clients. Our hard-hitting, forceful approach has led to many of our clients either having their criminal cases dismissed, charges reduced, or a full acquittal at trial.

Importance of Hiring an Experienced Attorney

The attorney that you choose to represent you in your case will have a direct impact on the final outcome of your situation. You simply cannot afford to work with a lawyer who is less than fully devoted to your case. You need to be sure that you have a legal professional on your side who is not only intimately aware of what you are facing but also is fully prepared to go the distance in his or her efforts to help you. We encourage you to contact our firm at Kernan & Austin, LLC as soon as possible. We can provide the dedicated representation that you need.

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Just because you have been criminally charged does not mean that you are a bad person. If you are represented by the experienced attorneys at Kernan & Austin, LLC, you are treated with the respect you deserve. Under the guidance of one of our proven lawyers, you can breathe easier knowing that you have an advocate on your side who is tenacious, sophisticated and professional. When your future is on the line, you simply cannot allow yourself to be satisfied with anything less than completely devoted and capable legal representation.

Criminal Defense Representation

Any criminal accusation or charge can put a person's reputation and freedom at risk - even misdemeanor charges. A conviction on a misdemeanor offense, when a judge sees fit, can result in jail time, expensive fines, community service, mandated treatment programs and other penalties. When the criminal accusation is a felony, a conviction can result in extensive time in state prison. A conviction also can affect every aspect of a person's future, including employment and professional licenses, ability to own a firearm, and ability to vote.

At Kernan & Austin, LLC, we are experienced in helping our clients reduce the damage and avoid the severe penalties of a conviction. Most serious criminal charges - such as drug crimes, assault and battery, and firearm offenses - result in a trial. How the process is managed from the moment of arrest often directly influences the outcome. Our legal team is aware of this, which is why our first action is to meticulously comb through the evidence that led to your arrest. In many cases, we discover departures from correct police protocol either in the arrest itself or in subsequent police questioning. These rights violations can be incorporated into the defense strategy to help absolve the client.

Some charges, such as disorderly conduct, are the result of over-eager policing, and we can demonstrate to the court how the cause for the charges was exaggerated. Other charges, such as kidnapping, sex crimes, and murder / homicide are extremely serious and require excellent legal representation. If you are the subject of such serious charges, don't trust just anyone with your legal representation. Find an attorney with the ability and experience you need to defend you. Even charges you may think are insignificant, such as an ordinance violation, can carry heavy penalties. Each criminal case should be acted upon at once, and it is critical that you protect yourself with aggressive and knowledgeable legal counsel. We are not there to hold your hand while you plead guilty: We seek out the most viable defense options and relentlessly pursue them, no matter how serious the criminal accusation.

Types of Criminal Defense Cases Our Firm Handles

If you've been accused of a traffic offense or other crime committed on the road - such as driving under the influence, driving on a suspended or no license, or hit and run - you could lose your license in addition to facing criminal charges. Our team can work to help people facing such charges avoid a conviction that could result in revocation of their driving privileges. If you are the subject of a warrant or if you have committed a probation violation, we can inform you of your options and help you to avoid additional consequences. If you've been convicted in the past and want to get your criminal record cleared, we may be able to help you obtain an expungement.

Our attorneys have defended clients accused of theft charges including robbery and burglary, and we've also worked to represent people convicted of complex criminal offenses such as internet crimes and fraud. Our team of former prosecutors is familiar with the complexities of criminal law. We have the experience and knowledge you need to gain the best chance at success in or out of court. When necessary, we have powerful resources to draw upon, including independent investigators, scientific experts, and forensic computer experts. These resources are used to provide evidence on behalf of our accused client and increase the reasonable doubt in a compelling defense presentation in court.

Some of the most painful types of cases directly impact an accused person's family. Has your child been charged with a juvenile crime? We have helped defend minors falsely accused of criminal activity so that false or overblown accusations don't detrimentally affect their young lives. If you've been accused of a violation of injunction after being served with a restraining order due to domestic violence or related charges, we may be able to help defend you so that you can see your loved ones again and avoid penalties. At Kernan & Austin, LLC, we are very proud of our extensive, successful record in court. If you are under investigation or have been arrested and charged with a crime, we urge you to enlist the help of one of our high-quality, proven Brevard County criminal defense lawyers who can fight tirelessly for your freedom.

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