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Brevard County Burglary Attorney

Burglary Charges in Brevard County

Having an attorney with skill and experience in providing clients with successful defenses against burglary charges is imperative if you have been arrested for a burglary offense. The charge of burglary is dependent on the intention of the person accused. In some cases, the person may be accused of burglary just for being on the premises. In such a case, a successful defense may include: a reason for being on the premises, mistaken identity, and fingerprints due to a presence at the property with permission prior to or after the burglary took place. Speak with a Brevard County criminal defense lawyer so that you can begin to build a strong defense in your name today.

Retaining a qualified attorney can help you to protect your rights and may be the only way to protect your future. Burglary is a serious charge and you could be made to serve a lengthy prison sentence, pay hefty fines, and have a permanent criminal record. In addition to the damage that the other penalties may inflict on your life, a criminal record will make it difficult for you to live in the area of your choosing, obtain quality employment and even get into the schools of your choice.

Burglary Defense Lawyer serving Cocoa, Palm Bay, Titusville, and Melbourne

At Kernan & Austin, LLC, we have the experience and skill to help keep our clients out of jail and with a clean record. It is extremely important that in the face of these serious charges, a seasoned attorney is hired and that the family of the accused does not settle on a state-appointed attorney. In such a case, the attorney may not have the required background to effectively defend the accused from the charges. Call our firm today so that we can review your charges thoroughly.

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