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Brevard County Domestic Violence Attorney

About Domestic Violence

In domestic situations sometimes tempers can run high. A person might say something without really meaning it or a misunderstanding can escalate. In most cases the accused is considered innocent until proven guilty, but in a domestic relationship an accusation of assault (threats or threatening behavior) or battery (physical contact) can be made without any bruises or evident injury, or any witnesses.

In order to protect the alleged victim usually a temporary injunction for protection (temporary restraining order) will be quickly issued. Domestic violence can also include stalking, child abuse, sex crimes and cyber stalking. If you find yourself accused of domestic violence, get the help of a skilled Brevard County criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights.

Domestic Violence Lawyer in Brevard County

An accusation of domestic violence complicates an already difficult situation. Judges and prosecuting attorneys take these accusations very seriously. Even when an accuser cools down and confesses to having made a false accusation, the judge may assume the accuser has simply been intimidated and proceed to act to protect the alleged victim. Restraining orders and can prevent you from approaching your home, or restrict visitation, affect your reputation and can impact your employment as well as other areas of your life. Any violation of an injunction will create serious legal problems for you.

An experienced domestic violence defense lawyer with our firm is prepared to take aggressive action on your behalf and give you a voice. We are well aware that accusations of abuse are sometimes made in order to obtain an advantage or control and can investigate to gather evidence of any ulterior motives if brought into the case early enough.

If you wish to fight against false or exaggerated claims of domestic violence our legal team can present an aggressive defense. It is important to contest these allegations as the consequences of Violations of Injunction involve serious criminal penalties. Call Kernan & Austin, LLC to discuss your defense strategy with a skilled criminal defense lawyer.

Contact a Brevard County Domestic Violence Attorney with our firm to discuss fighting allegations of domestic violence.

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