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FAQ: Criminal Cases in Brevard County

Brevard County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Is it possible to avoid conviction on a DUI charge?

Any case could result in a dismissed charge or an acquittal. In order to determine how your defense will proceed, it is necessary to evaluate all the evidence that led to your arrest and charge. In many cases we identify procedural errors, lab mistakes, errors in the arrest process or other significant mistake that can lead to a dismissed or reduced charge. We advise you to contact a Brevard County criminal defense lawyer from Kernan & Austin, LLC at once to evaluate your specific case.

How do I choose an attorney?

Not all legal practices are focused on criminal law. Many lawyers rarely go to court or have trial experience. This aspect of defending criminal charges cannot be underestimated, as you need not only knowledge of the law, but courtroom talent in serious criminal charges. We are proud of our trial lawyers and their impressive abilities in defending all types of criminal charges including DUI, domestic violence, violations of injunction, theft, juvenile crimes, drug crimes, driving on a suspended or no license, kidnapping, burglary, expungement, fraud, assault & battery, sex crimes, murder/homicide, firearm offenses, probation violation, robbery, disorderly conduct, ordinance violations, internet crimes, hit & run, and warrants.

Can I avoid jail time if convicted?

Based upon the charge and the evidence against you, we will seek out every opportunity to help you to avoid a conviction, or seek a reduced charge or alternative sentencing. Ensuring we are involved early in the case is important when facing criminal charges, as early negotiations can be extremely important.

Why should I choose your law firm?

Our aggressive approach has proved to be very effective in defending felony and misdemeanor charges, and our trial lawyers have the skill to present a compelling case on your behalf. Every case is prepared as if it will go to trial and this is often effective in getting charges dismissed, reduced or in pressing forward our client's defense case to an acquittal.

Contact a Brevard County Criminal Defense Lawyer from our firm immediately to get your questions about defending your case answered.

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