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Brevard County Internet Crimes Attorney

What are Internet Crimes?

Internet crimes generally refer to any type of crime that occurs online. There are many types of Internet crimes, all of which carry serious penalties. These include illegal downloading of music or movies, Internet fraud such as eBay and craigslist scams, online identity theft, downloading child pornography, sexual solicitation of a child, credit card fraud, and the creation or distribution of Internet viruses. Other Internet crimes include hacking, and purchasing illegal prescription drugs online. It is possible that you may not have known that you were even committing a crime at the time, but nonetheless, you will be prosecuted the same.

Depending on the nature of the case, internet crimes may range from a misdemeanor to a felony, both including time in prison, heavy fines, probation and more. If you are facing charges, or are under investigation, speak with a Brevard County criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Because the field of Internet crime is so complicated, the FBI and federal prosecutors have special teams appointed to investigate online activity. Therefore, it is extremely important that you obtain your own legal counsel with a high level of knowledge regarding the Internet and computers.

Internet Crimes Lawyer in Brevard County

At Kernan & Austin, LLC, we have the experience and skill required to defend an Internet crime charge. We will provide an aggressive defense that can highlight how investigators collected their evidence, as it is not uncommon for them to use illegal means such as entrapment to obtain statements or provoke action. This is only one defense of many that we can bring to the table as your dedicated legal counsel. Don't wait to speak with an attorney from our firm; if you are under investigation or already facing charges, we can start building your case today.

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