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Brevard County Juvenile Crime Attorney

Concerning Juvenile Crimes

It can be a terrifying prospect to envision your child at the mercy of a prosecutor and judge in a courtroom. No matter the difficulties, our natural response is to protect and help our children as they are the future. Children don't always have a firm grasp on adult rules and laws and can make mistakes. They can be lured into foolish behavior. Part of being young is making mistakes and learning from them.

The legal system is generally geared more toward punishment of adult offenders than to providing the education and guidance needed by a child. In some cases great pressure may be brought to bear to allow juveniles to be tried as adults. This is when it is so crucial to have a child represented by an experienced Brevard County criminal defense attorney who will energetically protect the child's rights.

Juvenile Crime Lawyer in Brevard County

Anyone under the age of 18 is under the authority of the juvenile court initially. Where a child's case will be heard depends upon a number of factors such as age, the severity of the offense, felony or misdemeanor and whether this is a first offense or the minor is a repeat offender, the severity of any earlier offenses and the level of defense provided by legal counsel.

A child's future educational and employment opportunities can be greatly affected by having a juvenile record. An experienced juvenile crime lawyer with our firm brings aggressive representation to the case with the intention of reducing or completely eliminating any negative effects on your child's future. Whether your child is facing a DUI charge or other even more serious criminal charge, protecting their future is our utmost concern.

We look for violations of the minor's rights, inconsistencies and weaknesses in the prosecution's evidence and seek to have the charges dropped or evidence excluded where possible. An independent investigation of the facts may turn up different results than the prosecution's version. Where the child has been wrongly targeted or falsely accused or is the victim of exaggerated claims our team works to expose the truth. Consult a criminal defense lawyer at Kernan & Austin, LLC for the dedicated defense you want for your loved one.

Contact a Brevard County Juvenile Crime Attorney at our firm who is wholly committed to protecting a juvenile's future.

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