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What to do after an arrest in Florida?

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In the event that you are arrested in the state of Florida, it is important that you are aware of your rights and what actions to take in order to best defend yourself. What you do after an arrest can mean the difference between a painless, speedy release and a drawn-out legal debacle compounded by excess charges and the possibility of heavy penalties. Criminal defense attorneys from Kernan & Austin can help you and your family prepare for and successfully resolve this process whether its a DUI arrest or other matter throughout Brevard County.

What Information Should You Give Officers if You Are Arrested?

Upon arrest, you should give the police officer your correct name and date of birth because your identity must be verified before you can bond out of jail. Keep in mind that you do not have to state your employer's name. It is best not to do so, in fact; otherwise, your place of occupation will be listed on your arrest record, which could lead to its own negative consequences.

Under no circumstances should you answer questions related to your arrest without your criminal defense attorney present. Remember, the police are not required to be honest when they question you. If you have been arrested, the police are not your friends. You have the right to remain silent, and you have the right to an attorney. It is strongly recommended that you call a Brevard County criminal defense attorney as quickly as you possibly can to discuss your situation before answering any questions from the authorities.

What is the Booking Process After Being Arrested?

If you have been arrested in the state Florida, you may be transported to the local jail and processed there. The booking process includes fingerprinting, getting your booking photo (mug shot) taken, and providing information such as your date of birth, full name, and home address to authorities. Your mug shot may be uploaded to the website of the Sheriff's Office. Even if the charges are dropped, that information can stay online unless expunged. Once your case is resolved, a defense attorney can help you seek expungement in order to get this negative information cleared from the public record.

When is Your First Court Appearance After Being Arrested?

After processing, you must make your first appearance before a judge within 24 hours. You may be released even before this initial appearance if you choose to bond out, which means you pay a certain sum set by the authorities as a pledge that you will appear for all required future court dates. If you do appear for these appointments, you can receive a refund for your bond amount.

At your first appearance hearing, the charges against you are read, and the judge will ask you if you are able to hire an attorney. If you have not yet posted bond, the judge could change your bond amount at this time to a lower amount. If there was a victim affected by the crime in your case, he or she may be informed and allowed to express whether or not they prefer or object to your release.

If you are arrested in Florida, it is vitally important that you enlist the services of a proven and trustworthy criminal defense attorney who knows the law and can help you address whatever charges you may face. Remember, the police are not required to tell you the truth when they question you. Insist on your right to be silent and to speak to an attorney. The criminal defense lawyers at Kernan & Austin, LLC offer anyone faced with criminal charges a free initial case evaluation.

During this consultation, you and one of the firm's experienced and professional attorneys at our firm can begin prepare an aggressive defense. Contact our firm online or call us today at (877) 668-9701.

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