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An accusation of theft can be a startling event. Sometimes a person makes a mistake, a one-time bad decision, or the accuser can be exaggerating an event that was innocent. Whatever your circumstances are, if you have been accused of a theft or have been arrested for a theft crime it is important to your future that you immediately consult an experienced Brevard County criminal defense attorney. Even the most petit theft can have catastrophic consequences on your future as Florida makes theft convictions available to the public.

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Just because an accusation is made sometimes an accused person becomes apathetic and feels there is no use in fighting. Accusations can be made, but evidence is all that counts in a court of law. Even then, it doesn't matter how much evidence there is or how damning the evidence seems, if proper procedure wasn't followed, if rights were violated the evidence may not be admissible. An experienced Brevard County theft lawyer may, depending upon the circumstances of your case, be able to carry out a creative defense strategy which results in no charges being filed or charges being dropped, or another resolution to the case.

  • There are numerous types of theft crimes which we can defend, including:
  • Petit theft (under $300)/shoplifting
  • Grand theft ($300 or more)
  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Identity theft
  • Welfare, social security, and other fraud
  • Forgery
  • Embezzlement

The consequences of a theft conviction are serious. Since it is considered a crime of dishonesty, a conviction can close doors on employment opportunities, professional or business possibilities, licenses can be denied and much more. Our skilled legal team is prepared to work closely with a client in order to obtain a positive result. Call Kernan & Austin, LLC to discuss your circumstances with a talented criminal defense lawyer. Find out what can be done.

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